Laser Therapy

Often when someone thinks of pain and allopathic methods of pain relief, most will picture pills, physical therapy or surgery. Those are popular options but there is a lesser-known treatment that can also provide pain relief. Stewart Clinic of Chiropractic in Casa Grande offers laser therapy and we would like to explain how the pain treatment works, how it heals, and what health conditions can benefit from its application.


How Laser Light Works

If you have a red laser pen, then you know how lasers begin. The pen focuses one beam of light in a straight line along one wavelength to a clearly defined spot. Why red? The color spectrum is halved by cool colors and warm colors. The red end of the spectrum is better fitted to laser work than other colors.

When the light beam gets through the three layers of skin, it hits the cells. There, the light stimulates the cells with energy and oxygen. The damaged tissue is healed, pain and inflammation decrease, and the cellular metabolism is boosted which encourages healing.

How Laser Light Heals

The laser pain treatment heals the patient on the cellular level. The treatment creates an anti-inflammatory effect within the problem area, followed by increased blood circulation. The combination often provides pain relief, as well as increasing the function of the nerve and immune system. The treatment can also benefit the tissue and the surrounding muscle in the area.

Health Conditions Healed by Laser Therapy

A chiropractor sees a lot of patients in pain, caused by a wide variety of factors. Chiropractors handle nerve, muscle, ligament, and tendon damage, as well as chronic pain and acute pain. Laser therapy can be used to treat those conditions and it is especially helpful when focused on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons attached to the spinal cord that have been affected by an injury or strain.

Laser therapy is also a good treatment method for migraines, repetitive stress conditions, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, TMJ, inflammation, sprains, strained muscles, arthritis, joint injuries, soft tissue injuries and fibromyalgia.

Laser Therapy is Available in Casa Grande

Over 2,500 studies have been done on both lab animals and humans involving laser therapy. Of the human studies, up to 80 percent showed marked improvement in pain levels following laser treatment. If you have chronic pain, nerve pain or tissue damage, come see Dr. Stewart at Stewart Clinic of Chiropractic in Casa Grande. Call us today at (520) 509-6160 to learn more about how laser therapy is helping provide pain relief.

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